Grow your Business with TheLucknowExpress

TheLucknowExpress is a platform which is specifically made for the people of Lucknow and to help them find everything under one platform. Initiating this we are now open for commercial ads in different sectors as listed below.

But before that we must tell you why to choose TheLucknowExpress?

WHY TO CHOOSE TheLucknowExpress?

- We are entirely Desi i.e. we belong to Lucknow and our team and reporters all are from Lucknow therefore we can advertise your business at the very base level of Society unlike other pages who doesn't even have office at Lucknow.
- Our followers are too Desi, 85% of our followers are from Lucknow itself due to which your advertisement reaches to the potential Buyers.
- We get Highest Engagement and Post Reach , Average Post reach lies between 18 million per month on Facebook and 6 Million on Instagram (Highest among other pages) and we can prove it to you anytime. (1month report card attached)
- We have our 185 Whatsapp Groups where we have 60,000+ people attached who see our news on daily basis. Its much more than another Newspaper or Website.

Screenshot of our last month Report card.

- To counter Facebook's Algorithm ,We print your ads along with the News ,which provide you Huge reach to potential and real customers.
- We have build a Network where people get Latest News updates on Whatsapp , therefore if you provide us your advertisement it will be reaching to these Whatsapp Groups Directly.
- Quality Customers ,  Having 10,000 real followers of Lucknow is good than having 1 lakh fake followers from Nepal and Pakistan. We have tried hard to reach potential followers of Lucknow which are between 13-45 age living in Core city areas.
- Also We have 185 Whatsapp group which have more than 60,000+ members who see our news on Daily basis.

I think its enough to Love us.

Our Monthly Packages starts from Rs18,000 , You can Whatsapp us at 7897-130-551 or Mail at contact@thelucknowexpress.com